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Contact person: Professor Jieli Li, USCS Secretary General, Ohio University, USA
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Council Chairman's Message
Dear USCS Members, Colleagues, and Friends:
Thank you all for trusting me to be the Council Chair of the United Societies of China Studies (USCS) again!  As the founding President of Society for Chinese Studies Librarians (SCSL), one of the eight affiliated organizations in USCS, I served USCS in this capacity 8 years ago.  During the past years, under the leadership of past Council Chairpersons, council members, and presidents of the affiliated associations, USUC have achieved a lot on things such as expanding our membership, and increasing our contacts with other scholarly and professional associations., etc..

As the new Chairman, I will work with all of you to carry on the previous chairs’ efforts to maintain the excellence and visibility of USCS through our projects, joint conferences, website, and publications.  My priority task will be on a newly established project, “China Studies: An International Outlook” (海外華人學者中國研究文叢), which will be published by City University of Hong Kong Press. This series, co-initiated/co-edited by Shiping Hua, Jieli Li and me, will publish original scholarly works contributed by academics and professionals based outside mainland China, both monographs and edited volumes in the social sciences on topics related to China. I sincerely hope that our members will make good use of this publishing channel to promote your research as well as USCS’s visibility.

I am looking forward to your responses and suggestions. Working together, we can make USCS greater!
Guoqing Li
Professor, the Ohio State University