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The Advisory Board
Book Series: China Studies
Contact person: Professor Jieli Li, USCS Secretary General, Ohio University, USA
Email: lij@ohio.edu
  your site: The Advisory Board
  Jieli Li
Ohio University
  Junhao Hong
SUNY Buffalo
  Shiping Hua
University of Louisville,is the Chair.
  Yawei Liu
The Carter Center
  Changming Duan
University of Kansas.
  Xiao bing Li
University of central Oklahoma

In November 2011, at a meeting held at Columbia University, it was approved an advisory of USCS board is formed. Members are former chairs of USCS. Each board member will serve a term of five years. At the present time, there are four members sitting on the USCS Advisory Board. They are Dr. Junhao Hong, State University of New York at Buffalo, Dr. Shiping Hua, University of Louisville, Dr. Jieli Li, Ohio University and Dr. Yawei Liu, The Carter Center.